Bridge The Gap: An initiative to align the professionals to achieve the organizational vision.

Every organization thrives on continuous achievements and dedicated professionals are the main powerhouse behind all its activities. So, it’s really necessary to establish a GREAT relationship between the organization and its personnel for the flawless journey toward its vision and help build amazing stories remembered for many more years. GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, APPLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK, and many more are real examples of better organizations supported by better professionals. In Bangladesh we see very few companies focus on empowering their employees to align with the organizational vision and as a result, there is always a struggle to build an excellent team to achieve more organizational success. 

The main reasons for this lack of alignment are: 

• Poor organizational culture. 

• Always focus on profit than value creation. 

• Shortage of appropriate training. 

• Lack of leadership.

 • Failure to recognize the right professionals. 

• Not knowing the WHY behind all activities. 

• Only hearing, not Listening.

• Taking too much time to address main issues and bring solutions. 

• Lack of excitement and encouragement and many more. 

• Handle negativity, office politics, and blame games.

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✔Head of Sales ✔Import Export Executive, ✔Commercial Officer, ✔Executive director and CEO, ✔Production Officer, ✔CA & Law Firm, ✔Supply Chain Manager, ✔Supply Chain Executive, ✔Joint Director, ✔Logistics Manager, ✔Executive VAT, ✔Business Development Manager, ✔Finance Secretary, ✔Health and Safety Executive, ✔Head of Finance and Operations, ✔Business Owner, ✔Banker, ✔Advocate, ✔Income Tax Lawyer, ✔CA Students, ✔Business graduates, ✔LLB Students, ✔Deputy General Manager (DGM).

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