Certificate Course on Foundation of VAT Management

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• What is Value Added Tax (VAT)
• VAT law & supplementary duty in Bangladesh
• VAT Act & SD Act- 2012
• VAT rule- 2016
• Schedule of VAT Act & SD Act- 2012
• Regulatory order (SRO)/General order/Special order/Explanation issued by NBR
• VAT rate

• VAT registration & turnover tax enlistment (Mushak-2.1)
• Enlistment threshold & registration threshold
• Mandatory, voluntary & central registration
• Unit registration & registration process
• Voluntary VAT registration and its impact
• Amendment, De-registration & Cancellation of registration
• Special provision for registration
• Registration-related SRO, Order, and Explanation
• Imposition of VAT at different stages
• Exemption SRO-141
• Exemption at different stages as per SRO considering the sector

• Imposition of VAT at a different stage.
• Persons liable to pay value added tax.
• Supplies made within Bangladesh.
• Registered Supplier and registered recipient.
• VAT Agent of non-residents.
• Imported services reverse charged to recipient.

• Importance of record keeping in VAT register
• Obligation & record keeping with punishment issues as per new VAT Law
• Record keeping by 6.1,6.2,6.2.1,6.3,6.5. 6.10
• The input output co-efficient preparation & submission process
• Importance of input output co-efficient (Mushk_4.3) & taking rebate issues

• Pay AT (Advance Tax) in advance
• Application for advance tax refund form-4.1
• Declaration with production of materials Mushk form-4.3

• Input tax credit procedure for goods supply
• Terms and conditions for input tax credit
• Input tax credit mechanism
• Refund & adjustment procedure
• Detailed discussion SRO, SRO exemption, special SRO for manufacturer, trader etc.

• VAT Deduction at Source (VDS)
• Product & Services Under VAT Deduction.
• Rate of VAT for Deduction.
• Deducting Authority & their Responsibility.
• Supplier & their Responsibility.
• Time of Deduction & Payment Procedure.
• Procurement Provider Under VDS.
• Penal Provision for Non-compliance of VDS.

• Submission/filling of VAT return (Musak 9.1)
• Submission/filling of TT return (Musak 9.2)
• Supply, purchase and their entry in return
• Increasing adjustment, decreasing adjustment
• VAT return submission through VAT online portal
• Penal provision for non-compliance of return
• VAT agent & VAT consultant
• Case Study (Return preparation)

• VAT audit manual & process of VAT audit
• What type of docs & how it should be kept ready for smooth VAT audit
• Common points raised by VAT authority during VAT audit
• Irregularities & non-compliance under VAT Act
• Offence & penalty under VAT Act
• Adjudication & adjudicating authority
• Adjudication procedure
• Appeal, time of appeal & appeal procedure
• Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This Course Is Best For

✔VAT Officer ✔VAT Executive ✔VAT Assistant ✔Deputy Manager ✔Executive Accounts & Finance  ✔Manager VAT ✔Head of Sales ✔Import Export Executive, ✔Commercial Officer, ✔Executive director and CEO, ✔Production Officer, ✔CA & Law Firm, ✔Supply Chain Manager, ✔Supply Chain Executive, ✔Joint Director, ✔Logistics Manager, ✔Business Development Manager, ✔Finance Secretary, ✔Health and Safety Executive, ✔Head of Finance and Operations, ✔Business Owner, ✔Banker, ✔Advocate, ✔Income Tax Lawyer, ✔CA Students, ✔Business graduates, ✔LLB Students, ✔Deputy General Manager (DGM).

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