All Professional Courses

Certificate Course on Income Tax Management

Learn the detailed concept of Income Tax with practical examples under expert mentors from NBR and industry experts to make the life of professionals easy and helpful.

Certificate Course on VAT & Tax Management

Excellent course to learn VAT & Tax at the same time under expert mentors from NBR and industry experts that will help to lead a great career.

Certificate Course on VAT & Customs Management

This unique course will help VAT professionals know the critical issues related to VAT and important aspects of Customs management so that they become problem solvers in their job.

Certificate Course on International Trade, Customs & Commercial Management

Excellent course to know all the procedures of International Trade, Customs & Commercial management at the same time under expert NBR and corporate professionals.

Certificate Course on VAT for Commercial Importer

Very important course to educate the commercial importers to know the most essential VAT issues they need for their business.

Certificate Course on Proven Process for VAT & Tax Deduction at Source

VDS is a very critical part in VAT management and this course focuses only on the important aspect of VDS and its complete process.

Certificate Course on Business Startup Process

This course will help any new start-up to get proper guidelines and processes to make a start-up into a full-grown venture in the long run.

Certificate Course on Personal Finance Mastery

To become a better professional in handling personal finance, this course is a practical guideline with a proven process to become a master in personal finance.

Certificate Course on Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

This course is a great opportunity for the non-finance background to know finance in a most easiest and most realistic way to become a master.

Certificate Course on Rules & Procedures for Import, Export & Customs

A unique course for professionals and entrepreneurs to know detailed info on Import, Export & Customs procedure to handle day to day job with comfort.

Certificate Course on Corporate Compliances with Regulatory Authorities

A Very unique course to know the most important issues to maintain compliance at the corporate level so that regulatory authorities approve without any major observation.

Certificate Course on IAS and IFRS accounting management system

For accounting professionals, this course is highly impactful and timely as expert mentors will help them to know how to solve accounting-related issues with ease.