Certificate Course on International Trade, Customs & Commercial Management

For any commercial importer VAT is a must and any mistake will result in big loss in business and long term hassle. Corporate Academy has designed this unique course to make the life of importers easy.

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  • Brief overview of the Importance of International Trade to the global economy.
  • international and Regional Agreements Affecting Trade. The GATT and WTO, The Uruguay Round, and WTO. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) & The European Union (EU), Regional Integration Agreements (RIAS)
  • Export & Import Business Governance in Bangladesh by the Export Policy Order 2018-2021 and Import Policy Order 2015-2018.
  • Incoterms and their necessity in international Trade & Commercial activities.
  • Detailed discussion on Issuing Bank, Advising Bank, Confirming
    Bank & negotiating Bank, lien Bank.
  • Management and Mechanism for L/C, Master LC, Back to Back LC,
    Transferable L/C, UPAS L/C , etc. Clean Payment, Advance & T/T Payment
  • Discussion of different international payment methods, SWIFT code and other payment gateway and Risk in Foreign Trade.
  • Basic knowledge about LCL & FCL Cargo, Feeder Vessel & Mother vessel
  • Concept of Customs, its mission, and role.
  • Impact of tariffs on the Bangladesh economy
  • Organizational Structure of customs.
  • Functions of customs and its judiciary.
  • Customs act 1969 with SRO preparation and necessary amendment.
  • Main features of customers act
  • Introduction of Customs Act-1969
  • Customs Assessment Procedure.
    3. Provisional, Final & Re-assessment.
  • Role of Customs to facilitate Import & Export.
  • Various Duty Rates at Import Stage.
  • IRC, ERC, IP, CP, PI,
  • Export & Import Procedure
  • Import and Export Policy Order
  • C&F agents and their responsibilities
  • Import banned items & Export banned items
  • The definition, necessity and impact of HS CODE in international trade.
  • Classification of Goods (H.S. Code)
  • Significance of H.S. Code.
  • General Rules for Interpretation (GRI).
  • Incoterms in International Trade.
  • Valuation of Goods (Import & Export).
  • Auction
  • Calculation of Duty and Taxes.
  • Case Study (Duty- Tax Calculation)
  • Clear idea on WCO (Worlds customs Organization) concept
    and instrument and RKC (Revised Kyoto Convention)
  • Assessment of goods
  • Role of Customs intelligence and investigation dept.
  • PCA-Post clearance Audit
  • Common offenses and penalties
  • Adjudication procedure
  • Appeal authority
  • ADR (alternative dispute resolution
  • Concept of warehouse and Bonded Warehouse System in BD.
  • Supervised & Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse.
  • General Bond & Special Bond.
  • Home Consumption Bond.
  • Deemed Exporter under Bond.
  • Utilization Declaration (UD)
  • Utilization Permission (UP)
  • Bond License Rule.
  • Untrue Statement (Misdeclaration).
  • Fine and Penalties under Customs Act.
  • Adjudication and Appeal
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Advance Ruling (AR).
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • In-Bond & Ex-Bond rules.
  • Bond Warehouse Management (Recording/filing) process.
  • Export, Direct Export & Deemed Export and their
    commercial management.
  • Export Sales Contract and Types of Latter of Credit and its area of
    application in Export (Export LC or Master L/C, Back to Back L/C)
  • Fundamental documents in Export management like PO, PI, Export LC,
    BTB LC, CO, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Mushak 6.3, Proceed
    Realization Certificate (PRC)
  • Essential Documents for Export Commercial like Export Permission (EXP),
    Inspection Certificate (IC), Bill of Lading (BL) or Airway Bill, Bill of
    Exchange (BOE),
  • Payment terms against Sales against L/C (Document At sight & Deferred
    Payment 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, 150 Days & 180 Days Sight).
  • Shipment against Direct Export, Foreign Export Documentation, Export
    Bill Management (Document Negotiation/ Bill Discounting), and Export
    Proceed realization procedure.
  • Deemed Export (Local delivery of Goods or Service against Foreign
    Export LC on Foreign Currency), It’s Documentation, Doc’s Acceptance
    (Part Acceptance, Bank Acceptance), Payment collection on maturity
  • Overview of Import, Import against Commercial IRC & Industrial
    IRC and Import related commercial functions.
  • Important clauses and precautions to be considered for opening an L/C
  • Required Documents to open Import L/C. based on Price Quotation, PO,
    PI, LC Application (LCA), Insurance cover note, LC amendment and
    necessary consideration, Bill of Entry, and Bill of Export.
  • Types of Import pricing like FOB, CFR, CIF, C&F Chittagong, etc and
    Payment system.
  • Brief discussion on different types of Payment against Import Bill like
    UPAS, EDF, LATR, PAD, At Sight, Deferred Payment, and Working
    Capital Management.
  • Import goods released after assessment and payment of Duties & Taxes
    Shipping & Port Charges through C & F agent, Transport & Carriage In
    A word, Goods receiving in Store through QC or MRR.
  • Calculation of Landed Cost on Imported Items in the case of Single items
    and More than one or Multi Items.

This Course Is Best For

✔Head of Sales ✔Import Export Executive, ✔Commercial Officer, ✔Executive director and CEO, ✔Production Officer, ✔CA & Law Firm, ✔Supply Chain Manager, ✔Supply Chain Executive, ✔Joint Director, ✔Logistics Manager, ✔Executive VAT, ✔Business Development Manager, ✔Finance Secretary, ✔Health and Safety Executive, ✔Head of Finance and Operations, ✔Business Owner, ✔Banker, ✔Advocate, ✔Income Tax Lawyer, ✔CA Students, ✔Business graduates, ✔LLB Students, ✔Deputy General Manager (DGM).

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