Certificate Course on Income Tax Management

The purpose of the course is to make an individual or professional highly expert in the field of Income Tax so that he/she can complete all the procedures of Income-tax, find the right path to resolve any issues like penalty, dispute etc, and become panicless when submitting a return to the authority. In a word, this course will make the life of an income taxpayer or professional very easy and sound.

Course Content

Course Duration

Course Details

  • Introduction
  • Bangladesh Tax Structure
  • Sources of Tax law and practice of Income Tax
  • Income Tax Ordinance 1984 and Income Tax Rules
  • 1984 at a glance & Different classes of assesses
  • Different Tax rates & Income Tax Authority
  • Basic discussion of Income Tax
  • Some important definitions of Income Tax
  • National Budget at a glance
  • Changes at tax rate & TDS
  • Changes at Individual tax matter
  • Changes at Corporate tax matter
  • Changes at tax free in income
  • Changes at Mandatory TIN
  • Salary Tax Assessment
  • Calculation of salary tax taking into consideration of investment tax rebate- with practical demonstratio
  • Assessment of House property income and capital gain
  • Assessment of Agriculture income and business & profession
  • Deduction/Collection of tax at source
  • Minimum Tax including final settlement of tax liability
  • Advance payment of Tax
  • Reconciliation of wealth statement and life style statement
  • Procedure to submit return under USA
  • Tax audit and re-assessment
  • Company tax assessment including various tax compliance and penalty for non-compliance
  • Different types of notices and assessment procedures
  • Universal self- Assessment
  • CSR activities
  • Withholding Tax Return fill up
  • Practical workshop of individual income tax return fill-up under Universal Self-Assessment Procedure
  • Practical workshop of Company income tax return fill-up
  • Tax Holiday & Gift Tax
  • Penalty & prosecution
  • Appeal & Tribunal
  • High Court Division & Revision

This Course Is Best For

The course is highly recommended if you are an individual income tax payer or executive of a company or dreaming to build a career in the field of Income tax.

Please see below list who are the most counted participants of this course:


✔Head of Sales ✔Import Export Executive, ✔Commercial Officer, ✔Executive director and CEO, ✔Production Officer, ✔CA & Law Firm, ✔Supply Chain Manager, ✔Supply Chain Executive, ✔Joint Director, ✔Logistics Manager, ✔Executive VAT, ✔Business Development Manager, ✔Finance Secretary, ✔Health and Safety Executive, ✔Head of Finance and Operations, ✔Business Owner, ✔Banker, ✔Advocate, ✔Income Tax Lawyer, ✔CA Students, ✔Business graduates, ✔LLB Students, ✔Deputy General Manager (DGM).


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