Certificate Course on VAT & Tax Management

We designed the best vat tax course in Dhaka. VAT (Value Added Tax) and Income Tax is the most important sector from where govt. Gets the maximum of its revenue. So it’s really important to know the ins and outs of this sector for easy and smooth vat return submission and to avoid unnecessary problems due to ignorance or negligence.

Corporate Academy designed the course with the help of NBR professionals in such a way that it removes all the so-called difficulties in handling VAT and Income Tax and makes the life of the professionals and the companies easy by saving huge amounts of money as penalty, delay fee etc.

Course Content

Course Duration

Course Details

  • VAT registration (Mushak-2.1),
  • Enlistment Threshold & Registration Threshold
  • Mandatory, Voluntary & Central Registration Process and Necessary Documents
  • Unit Registration & Registration process
  • BIN amendment & Cancellation of registration
  • Related GO & SRO.
  • Imposition of VAT at different stage
  • Exemption SRO-141
  • Exemption at different stage as per SRO considering the sector
  • VAT deduction at source (VDS) for local supply & services
  • Applicable Rate of VAT for deduction from the suppliers
  • Deducting authority determination
  • Procedure of VAT & VDS deduction
  • Deposit of withheld VAT by the VAT registered withholding entity
  • Identify VAT Depositing Code.
  • Importance of record keeping in VAT register.
  • Obligation & Record keeping with punishment issues as per new VAT Law.
  • Record keeping focusing like – 6.1,6.2,6.2.1,6.3,6.5. 6.10
  • The Input Output Co-Efficient Preparation & submission process
  • Importance of Input Output Coefficient (Mushk_4.3) & taking rebate issues
  • Submission/filing of VAT Return
  • VAT Return (9.1) submission through VAT online portal.
  • Punishment, Appeal, Notice & Record
  • Introduction
  • Bangladesh Tax Structure
  • Sources of Tax law and practice of Income Tax
  • Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 and Income Tax Rules,
  • 1984 at a glance & Different classes of assessee
  • Different Tax rates & Income Tax Authority
  • Basic discussion of Income Tax
  • Some important definitions of Income Tax
  • Deduction/Collection of tax at source
  • Minimum Tax including final settlement of tax liability
  • Advance payment of Tax
  • Reconciliation of wealth statement and lifestyle statement
  • Different types of notices and assessment procedure
  • Procedure to submit return
  • Practical workshop of individual income tax return fill-up under Universal Self-Assessment Procedure
  • Tax Holiday & Gift Tax
  • Penalty & prosecution
  • Appeal & Tribunal
  • High Court Division & Revision
  • ADR etc.
  • Transfer Pricing principles & Determination of Arm’s length price
  • TP Methods & Determining the most appropriate method
  • Tax Heaven, BEPS and money laundering

This Course Is Best For

✔Head of Sales ✔Import Export Executive, ✔Commercial Officer, ✔Executive director and CEO, ✔Production Officer, ✔CA & Law Firm, ✔Supply Chain Manager, ✔Supply Chain Executive, ✔Joint Director, ✔Logistics Manager, ✔Executive VAT, ✔Business Development Manager, ✔Finance Secretary, ✔Health and Safety Executive, ✔Head of Finance and Operations, ✔Business Owner, ✔Banker, ✔Advocate, ✔Income Tax Lawyer, ✔CA Students, ✔Business graduates, ✔LLB Students, ✔Deputy General Manager (DGM).

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