In recent times, there has been a major demand for professionals with proper knowledge of VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management so that organizations can get more than one service from any professional. In this way, organizations can save unnecessary manpower costing, a serious challenge nowadays when the world is in great turmoil, and Bangladesh is not isolated from this issue.

Now the question is, how to gain knowledge of VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management within a very short time at the right platform under an expert mentor to bring the optimum result for personal and organizational success? As per many expert professionals’ opinions, having a POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management (PGD-VICM) is the right way to gain necessary knowledge and ideas on VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management in a nutshell.


Why having a PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management is highly important?


In the context of the present job market situation, it is now an undeniable fact that having the proper knowledge of VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management is a must for every growing professional to achieve professional and organizational excellence in the long term. Because in recent years we have seen that the govt. is very serious about developing strong Taxation culture and pushing the organizations to properly submit VAT and maintain the docs. Govt. also inaugurated online portal and VAT software to collect the VAT smoothly. 


Hence, to maintain all these VAT-related huge tasks, the necessity of VAT knowledge and the demand for VAT professionals are very high. Cause unskilled professionals will cause severe damage to the organization which will result in penalties, suspension, damage to the company’s reputation, legal issues, etc. 


Now, what about customs and commercial knowledge? It is well known that proper knowledge in customs and commercials will give a professional competitive advantage in the job market and also help manage his teammates and different departments in the long term very efficiently.


Moreover, PGD or POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA is a professional degree where most of the trainers are from relevant backgrounds having year-long practical experience and some even have got excellent achievements in their careers. The audiences are also from the same field of interest and want to know the most essential skills and knowledge that will help them solve daily issues in their job every day. Such collaboration is not possible in an academic institution as the mentors are mostly from an academic background and don’t have any practical experience in relevant fields.


Now, there comes an obvious question of what does a professional become after having a PGD-VICM professional degree?

Having a PGD degree will give a professional 5 major benefits such as:


Certainly, knowledge gives a professional the confidence to handle daily jobs properly and bring solutions to organizations. When a professional gains the necessary knowledge in VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management, he gets the confidence to act more positively and the organization also gets the confidence to assign more responsibilities to him. When there is a question of promotion, the organization obviously selects the person who has got a professional degree in the relevant issue.


Such a professional degree gives a professional unique recognition that will give him a huge competitive advantage in the job sector. Through this recognition, a professional can apply for a bigger position in any other organization. As a result, a bright career path will be built and more achievements will follow in the long run. 


Necessary knowledge:

In this point, let’s take reference to the PGD-VICM course offered by the renowned professional skill development institute CORPORATE ACADEMY for Professional Excellence. In this unique PGD program, a professional will get the most essential knowledge of VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management. The beauty of this PGD is, it has got two exclusive sessions on LC which is a vital part of customs and commercial management.

In the VAT part, along with VAT Books of Accounts, VAT Rebate, VAT Registration, VDS, and other important topics, practical demonstration of VAT software and practically showing excel for 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc. are a valuable addition that will give huge benefit to professionals.


In the Income Tax part, calculation of Tax from individual and Business income, Tax calculation of income from agriculture and other important sectors, TDS, and many important issues are covered. But adding double taxation, and transfer pricing are really value-adding for the professionals to know the upper-level knowledge of the taxation part.

When it comes to knowledge of Customs Management, HS CODE, BOND, Export-Import, CPC, and LC management are key issues that will give a professional a complete idea of the total process of Export and Import.

The most exciting information is, 2 classes on Business communication, Email writing, and Professional excellence will help professionals become future leaders in their organizations.


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Making an impact:

It is now very clear that after having such a prestigious professional degree, any professional can easily build his career strongly and make a huge impact in the organization that will lead to many more achievements for all.  Because when a professional becomes skilled and confident to deal with VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management after attending the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management (PGD-VICM), organizations will obviously choose them for any future higher post.

So, getting a POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management (PGD-VICM) should be the right choice for any professional to gain professional excellence and navigate his/her career in the right way with the right tool.  



Due to covid people are habituated to moving online and that reduced the opportunity to build networks which is really important for a professional. But now the situation is getting normal and professionals are getting offline on different occasions. Having a PGD-VICM degree is a great opportunity to find some interested professionals at the same premises and build networking so that knowledge sharing gets boosted and for any future opportunity to any organization, reference is ready. 


In this new era of the digital revolution, professional networking is the key to availing of higher positions or more opportunities. As VAT, Income Tax & Customs has got a massive area of activities in every organization, through such PGD any professional will be able to enter into the vast network of VAT, Income Tax & Customs Management and establish his credentials as a better professional.


So, if you are thinking of getting a PGD which has got huge demand in the coming years, definitely PGD VICM is the right choice for professional excellence.


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